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KT rama rao said that BJP, MIM leaders incite people

Hyderabad: Hollow claims and empty statements of AIMIM and BJP leaders continue to be exposed, TRS working president and IT minister KT Rama Rao on Thursday said that these parties are PV Gnana Bhoomi and NTR ghat are talking about the demolition of the wharf and inciting people to break the law because there was nothing else to talk about.

Addressing the Gouda Sangham meeting held here, Rao said that Hyderabad has remained peaceful for the last six years. However, BJP and MIM leaders had only to talk about surgical strikes and demolition and did not have development related activities like investment and bringing in jobs.

stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised 20 million jobs per year, Rao said that 120 million jobs should have been given in the last six years but the situation was such that those who had jobs were losing them, there were employees at LIC and Air india in other PSUs. Rao said the BJP was fielding 12 of its Union ministers and chief ministers of other states to campaign in the GHMC elections. “Surprisingly, it was an abusive election, an election on local issues, but the BJP was so twisted that it was campaigning as if it were for a parliamentary or assembly election,” he said.

He said that BJP leaders were talking about bin Laden, Babar, enemies of the country and patriots. He questioned why bin Laden and Babar were being mentioned during the GHMC election.

giving a list of various development activities undertaken by the TRS government, Rao asked what the BJP-led NDA government had done for Hyderabad in the last six years. While Telangana paid Rs 2.72 lakh crore to the NDA government for taxes, the state received only Rs 1.40 lakh crore in return.

On the TRS government’s initiatives, Rao said the state has gone into power surplus due to power deficit, while Telangana is the only state that has provided power to industries, residential areas and agriculture.

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