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Techie Killed Mother and Sister to Pay Cricket Betting Debts

Hyderabad: on monday,man was arrested on charges of murdering his mother and sister in a bid to control his financial losses in betting.25 years old man is an M.Tech student Pally Sainath Reddy and works for a private firm.

He allegedly killed by using pesticides to 22years old sister Pally Anuja Reddy and mother pally sunitha 48years old.

Sainath told to relative that both his sister and mother had food poisoning. yet, they became suspicious and alerted the police. Upon interrogation, he confessed to the crime and confessed to killing his sister and mother.

the incident happened on November 23 when he mixed pesticides in their food before leaving for the night shift. Later that night, his mother told him that he and his sister were ill, after which he rushed them to the hospital, where they both died.DCP Balan Nagar PV Padmaja said that they have arrested Sainath Reddy and sent him on judicial remand.

Police said that sainath reddy was addicted to online betting and had taken loans of around Rs 2.5 million from several people to place bets on cricket matches. When he lost all his money, he ran into huge debts, and he killed his mother and sister to pay off that debt.

To pay off the debts, he planned to kill his mother and sister so that he could later become the owner of their property. Her father died a few years ago, police said.

gradually, he used his money to bet on cricket matches. He later learned of his father’s death insurance and used it. He then sold his mother’s jewellery for betting, “police added.

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