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The negligence of the government is leading Mir Alam Mandi to a terrible death

Hyderabad: one of the oldest and largest mandis of Hyderabad is mir alam mandi,it is currently in a heap of ruins.the Nizam era building which is in the merge of collapsing is neglected by the authorities despite complaints by locals.

A shopkeeper nearby said, “Even though the matter has been taken to the notice of the concerned authorities several times, no initiative has taken place.”

the mandi is more than 200 years old,Spread over five acres of land and is mostly operated by vendors sitting at 41 tin-shed shops.Like the roof of Hang Mississippi hangar in 2018 (known as Gowliguda bus station), the roof of the market and the social worker can claim.

An Ismail seller said that people coming to the market from different areas pass through the Kaman (gate) of the mandi, which is in a dilapidated condition. Kaman was given a pillar endorsement by the authorities earlier this year. But even then the chunks are may put the lives of the people here at risk.

during the tenure of the Congress, the entire Mir Alam Mandi was proposed to be renovated, but still no initiative has been taken in this direction.

Regular travelers and vendors insisted that the authorities should take serious note of the issue.

Mir Muzaffar Ali, president, Mir Alam Mandi Vegetable Commission Agents Association, said that the government should focus on this existing old market, while they are starting several model markets. He also said, sellers who are running their businesses under asbestos sheets are repairing the damage by spending it with their own funds.

There are 43 wholesale shops and over 300 vendors. Approximately 80 percent of the running businesses own the spaces, and so they opposed the renovation for fear of losing ownership. Since the market and condition of the market are weak, the GHMC officials should bring a new proposal.

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