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Pandemic crisis for Irani cafes in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: What day is there in Hyderabad without a cup of hot Irani tea???

Now, even that part of the city’s morality, the piping hot energy that came in a cup and to which Hyderabad has been awake for generations, is being affected by the Covid 19 epidemic.

facing a potential threat, Irani tea cafes across the city are being forced to increase prices, including the city’s favorite beverage.

A cup of Irani tea, previously available for Rs 10, and the most popular ‘single tea’ for 8 rupees, was being sold for Rs 15 and Rs 10.

Aslam bin Abood of Nimrah Hotel, a popular Irani tea center in Charminar in the Old City, says hoteliers suffered heavy losses during the lockdown and were still trying to come out of the financial crisis.

“ prices have also gone up and workers are demanding an increment to compensate for the loss of work during the lockdown.

Milk suppliers have also increased prices. To survive the crisis, an increase was inevitable, ”says Abood.

Mohammad Aamir Khan, a manager at Al Safa Hotel in Vijayanagar Colony, posted the covid-19 lockdown, when the cafe reopened, there was literally no business. One reason was fear of the virus while another issue was that many people could not sit around a table for regular teas and discussions that had been in use for decades.

“Sales depends on the location and patronage of the customers,” says Mohammad Mohsin, another Irani café manager. Post lockdown, most cafes have done with ceramic cups and saucers and are using disposable cups instead, which in turn is an additional expense. Mohsin says, “The big cup costs 65 paise, while the smaller one costs 35 paise.”

Although people are slowly starting to feel free and return to the cafe, the loss has become so heavy that a little cup has become a bit precious.

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