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Hyderabadi girl shines in SAT exam

Hyderabad: Lakkineni Sharmista, a girl from Hyderabad scored a reliable 1,570 in the SAT exam on December 5, with a perfect score of 800/800 in the mathematics section and 770/800 in the reading and writing section.

She was inspired by the success story of the JEE Advanced 2020 Top Chirag Falor who enrolled in the UG course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, last year. Based on a score of 1,560 in SAT.

Sharmista wants to study economics and plans to apply for admission to top colleges in the United States, including Ivy League colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc., in addition to MIT.

She has already received offers from top colleges such as the University of Durham and the University of Manchester in the UK and is awaiting decisions from other top UK colleges such as the London School of economics.

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