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Fifty Five Stones Removed from a Woman Patient in Hyderabad Hospital.

Hyderabad : Doctors at the Aware Global Hospital here have removed Around 55 stones of different sizes from the left kidney of a 60 year old woman by advanced endoscopy and minimal invasive surgery.It is among the Very rare cases when the patient had kidney stones in such Huge numbers, Resulting severe distress to her prior to the surgical procedure.

The woman Complaints acute abdominal pain during urination, and nausea and vomiting during pain, which were likely symptoms of kidney-related problem. The patient had undergone treatment for pain and vomiting from a local doctor but was not investigated for the underlying cause of her symptoms.

Post-surgery, the patient was kept under observation for 48 hrs Before she was discharged from the Hospital. Patient’s renal health is getting monitored from time to time and Showing Satisfactory Health Improvement.

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