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Two cops misbehaved with UOH students,case booked on them

Hyderabad: A case was registered against two police personnel on Thursday for entering in civil dress on the University of Hyderabad and misbehaving with two female students.

complaint from University Security Officer G Jalandhar Reddy, Gachibowli police registered a case of trespassing and misbehaving under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

According to the complaint, two police personnel – Suresh and Gopi entered the premises from Gopanpally Gate at around 6 pm. After arriving at the South Campus Junction, he abused and harassed the university students. At that time, he was under the influence of alcohol. Both the arrested police personnel were brought to the police station by the students.

Inspector Srinivas of Gachibowli said, “They belong to the eighth battalion of TSSP. There is a piece of police land behind the UOH campus, protected by the battalion police. We do not know why he entered the campus in civil dress.

In the complaint, the students alleged that the police misbehave the female students. The case was filed under charges of trespass and misbehavior. “

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