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Cyberabad sees decrease in crime against women,increase in cyber crime

Hyderabad: The general lockdown trend of an increase in cyber crime and, at the same time, the decline in crimes against women marked the year for the cyberabad police limit, where in 2020 the total number of registered cases increased by 6.65%.

here on Tuesday addressing the annual press conference, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said that during the year 2020 the number of cases registered under the Indian Penal Code, Special Local Laws and others was 24,868 as against 23,320 cases registered in 2019.

there has been a decrease of 22.7% in fatal road accidents and 18.6% fall in crime against women, as well as crime related cases with 12.24 %, especially Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act matters.

On the other hand, like Hyderabad and Rachkonda border, Cyberabad also recorded a 135 percent increase in cyber crime and a 42 percent increase in economic crimes.

It recorded a decrease of 8.3%, while crime against weaker sections decreased by 7.5%.

Stating that the increase in cases was due to transparency and the police’s increased loyalty to the public, Sajjanar said that despite devoting several hours to the control of the covid-19 epidemic, the Cyberabad police ensured that regular policing duties never encountered.

He said that during this period, we have committed to take care of it to deal with crimes arising out of socio-economic disparities. Rape,kidnapping,murder and fatal road accidents, which came down sharply during the early days of lockdown, saw an increase in July – August.

Sajjanar said, “We saw that lockdown and work from home facilities gave fraudsters plenty of options to cheat people online.”

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