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Old City of Hyderabad is on the receiving end tag of backwardness, the demand for heavy dowry is troubling the girls the most.

Hyderabad: If you have a daughter and if she is not ‘fair’, then you will have to face difficulty from a certain section of society to get a suitable patner for her.
Or if you live in the Old City, you may face further difficulty in attracting a proper marriage proposal from the so-called New City boys.
This malicious bias and in some cases pre-racism ‘is found in many newspaper advertisements. And here we are giving you a glimpse of what kind of girls parents of boys look for in matrimonial advertisements.
Look for some so-called ‘boy’ family. The girl should be very fair It should have sharp features. Or at least it should be slim. The girl should belong to a ‘well and respectable family’.

There’s also a warning at the end of the ad – if you don’t have all or all of these requirements, stay away, don’t even think about getting close.
There is another wonderful factor. Nine out of ten advertisements read by this correspondent were demanding one or all of these features.
“We don’t offer suggestions from the old city,” said one of the many advertisers.
These types of advertisements indicate lack of proper upbringing. They are completely racist and can grab more and more money from the girl’s family.

Do their mothers ensure that their boys will be good husbands and will not misbehave with their patner. ”Shabana Yasmin, a graduate from Sultan ul Uloom College of Law.
Najiba, a post-graduate from Osmania University, said, “Shouldn’t newspapers ban such advertisements?”

Newspaper editors believe that such advertisements will promote racist and immoral behavior in people. But they say that these advertisements are a major source of their revenue. Therefore, there is no restriction on them.
Hamid Ali, a young man living in the Old City, was harassed by his part of the city as despicable,he said, “There is nothing like the Old City or New City. It is a people’s mindset that needs to change.”
“There are no two or three parts of this city. Rather there are culture groups of people associated with it, ”Mohammad Masrat, CEO, IPRISM technologies.

“These stereotypes have been maintained for a long time. It has nothing to do with the geographical parts of the city. Unfortunately most people have fallen prey to this prejudice and although they have homes in the older parts of the city, they have moved especially for that they can marry their daughters to suitable boys, ”Mazhar Hussain, executive Says the director. Confederation of Voluntary Associations or COVA.
Over time murder, riots, theft, kidnapping, eve, dowry harassment and many such social evils have been associated with the Old City.
While there has always been a demand for fair and loving girls, which has upset the balance in Hyderabad, the boy’s family is demanding dowry which has become unbearable. The dowry system should be broken and the image of the Old City should be improved through organized campaigns. Hussain says that only when there can be a balance in social norms.

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