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slight Traffic restrictions in Hyderabad because of tomorrow Sikhs celebration

Hyderabad: Hyderabad traffic police has banned traffic at Sultan Bazar, Charminar and Goshamahal in view of Guru Gobind Singh’s 354th birthday celebrations on Monday.
The procession will start from Central Gurdwara Saheb, Gowliguda and proceed towards Shankar Sher Hotel – Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Ashok Bazaar – Afzalgunj Island -afzalgunj T ‘Junction – Siddhimbar Bazaar – Moazamjahi market – Jambagh – Puthlibowli – Ram Mandir and return. Central Guru Dwara Saheb, Gowliguda.
Travelers can avoid certain routes and take variations accordingly …
When the procession starts from Ashok Bazar Gurudwara, the traffic coming from CBS towards Afzalganj will be diverted towards SJ Bridge Rotary and CBS. And, when the procession starts from the central gurudwara at Gowliguda, the traffic coming from Putlibowli towards Shankar Sher Hotel will be diverted to CBS via Ram Mandir Road.
When the procession reaches Afzalganj ‘T’ junction and proceeds towards SA Bazar Mosque, traffic from Afzalganj will be diverted towards State Central Library Afzalganj – SJ Bridge – CBS – Rangmahal, until the procession is towards MJ Market Would have increased. When the procession approaches MJ Market and turns towards Jambag, it will not be diverted from Chadarghat towards Rangamahal Junction towards Jambagh and diverted towards CBS, SJ Bridge (if required).
Similarly, when the procession reaches the Central Library, Afzalganj, traffic from Madina and City College will not be diverted towards Afzalganj and diverted towards Salarjung Museum – SJ Rotary. When the procession reaches Shanti Fireworks Lane, traffic will be diverted from Afzalganj towards MJ Market towards feel Khana-Thop Khana – Alaska – Malakunta – Midas High School – MJ Market. Traffic police said that in view of the procession, minor traffic congestion is expected between 3 pm and 11.30 pm

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