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Petrol price can be Rs 100 per liter

Hyderabad: Petrol and diesel prices in Hyderabad continue to rise as their highest price increases were recorded on Saturday. Oil companies have decided to raise prices citing the rise in crude oil prices in the international market and the depreciated value of the Indian rupee against the US dollar.
Although there has been no decrease in the sale of diesel and petrol after their price increase, the public is still deeply concerned about the steady increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. They cannot discontinue their daily routine and essential commodities due to increase in the prices of petrol and diesel.
Petrol price which is Rs. On January 1, 87.06 rose to Rs 89.15 per liter on 23 January. If the price trend continues, petrol will be sold at Rs 100 per liter in Hyderabad in a few weeks.

On January 1, the diesel price was Rs. 80.60 per liter. It climbed to Rs.82.80 on 23 January. Due to the coronovirus epidemic, people are already suffering and this price increase in fuel may further exacerbate their economic condition. People fear that in return the price of this fuel may increase overall value of other essential goods, goods and services.

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