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Demolition Of Secretariat Mosques And A Temple Has Became A Thrilling Issue.

Hyderabad: 6th July 2020 On The Orders Of Telangana Government Secretariat Building Has Been Dismantled. While Dismantling The Building Labours Demolished Two Mosques And A Temple Too. In The Time Period Of Secretariat Demolition Heavy Security Deployed By TS Government And No One Has Been Allowed To Go Inside The Secretariat. The Opposition Parties Has Already Started Alerting To People And Reminded Telangana Government To Protect The Mosques And Temple Before Dismantling The Secretariat Building. After Some Days Of Demolition Number Of Journalist Has Been Allowed To Go Inside The Secretariat After That They Have Seen Debris Everywhere. Following This It Was Declared That Two Mosques And Temple Has Been Demolished Being After Reminding The Government. To Enforce The Rebuilding Process Of Secretariat Mosques Aimim Cheif Asaduddin Owaisi, Akbaruddin Owaisi & Delegation Of Muslim Scholars Had A Meeting With CM KCR At Pragathi Bhavan. In The Meeting CM KCR Promises Masjid Will Get Constructed In Very Well And Accurate Manner. The Opposition Doesn’t Stopped Agitation Against Telangana Government Regarding This Tragedy. On 24th January JAC Joint Action Committe Convenor Mushtaq Malik Calls A Protest Name Chalo Secretariat With Presidents And Scholars of Different Sects, Organisation And Political Parties.

And On 26th January CM KCR Inspected The ongoing Work Of Secretariat. Home Minister Mehmood Ali, AIMIM MLAs Ahmed Balala And Ahmed Pasha Quadri Waqf Board Chairman Mohd Saleem, Bodhan MLA Shakeel Ahmed,Hamed Mohammed Khan Jamat E Islami And JAC Convenor Mushtaq Malik Held A Meeting In Which Government Agreed To Lay The Foundation Stone In The Place Of Secretariat Mosques That Were Brought Down.

Irony Of This Case Is The Man Mushtaq Malik JAC Convenor Who Is Always Asking To Government That Where Is Quran And Jahnamaz Of The Mosques In The Meeting With Home Minister And Waqf Board Chairman He Never Asked This Question

Written by Journalist Ehtesham Khan

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