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Hyderabad:schools are reopened,students are back to schools

Hyderabad: youngsters who are happy as days of happy again to meet their friends and study in regular classes.

schools and colleges in Telangana reopened after 11 months, bringing back the atmosphere of the days.

when children wearing their colorful clothes arrived at their schools in the morning hours. Despite attendance being less than half in most schools, parents tried their best to get their children to school on time through transportation.
Physical classrooms have resumed for students in classes 9 and above such as strict guidelines such as wearing face masks and social distinctions, and schools have decorated the entire campus to welcome students after 10 months. Most schools saw 41% attendance in Class IX and 54% attendance in Class X upon the reopening of schools.
A plan regarding transportation to schools has not arrived, and only one or two buses were seen on the roads. The vice president of the Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA) said, “Many parents consider it safer than school transport and some parents have demanded that the school bus should limit a student to one seat.”
Schools have only allowed students after obtaining consent letters from parents and provided masks to those who did not have one, arranged sanitizers and checked students’ body temperature through thermal guns .

“They asked us to present their covid-19 certificate,However other guidelines were followed, and they did not allow hostel students to ensure social distances from other people. Separated with them. There were 7 students in my section. Attendance was low, “one student of class X said.

In tenth grade the number of students was more. Class 9 saw 43% attendance in government and local body schools and 54% in class 10 and 49% attendance in class 9 and 61 in private schools.

Talking to the school management, Yadigiri Shekhar Rao said that transport will be provided from February 15 as the attendance of students increases, till then parents have to think about the mode of movement to send their wards to schools.

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