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In state chilly weather once again this week.

Hyderabad: The people are once again facing the cold weather this week.
As range low-level Easterlies / North Easterlies dominated the state during the final 24 hours ending at 8.30 am on Tuesday, night time temperatures dropped to -4.1 degrees Celsius in some parts.

According to the meteorological bulletin, the temperature in some parts was -3.1 to -5 degrees Celsius below normal.

The lowest minimum temperature was recorded in Adilabad at 9.7 degrees Celsius, 11.7 degrees on Monday and 15.2 degrees on Sunday. The Hyderabad season is also set to be cold with forecasts of 16, 17, 17, 17, 18 and 18 during 3 and 8 February.
The city had a night time temperature of 15.6 degrees Celsius on February 2, while fog in the morning and partly cloudy in the sky.

Other minimum temperatures recorded in the state were: Ramagundam 12.3, Hakimpet 15, Dundigal 15.6, Hanamkonda and Medak 16 each, Bhadrachalam 16.6, Nizamabad 17.3, Nalgonda 18, Mahbubnagar 18.8, Khammam 20.4.
Day temperatures also recorded a slight drop, with Bhadrachalam showing 32 degrees Celsius. It was followed by Adilabad 31.8, Khammam and Medak 31.6, Ramagundam 31.2, Nizamabad 31.1, Nalgonda 31, Mahbubnagar 30.9, Hanamkonda 30.5, Hyderabad 29.6, Dandigal 28.7. Hakimpet 28.4.

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