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Hyderabad woman seeks ministry help for her daughter, trapped in UAE

Hyderabad: A Hyderabad woman has appealed to Minister S Jaishankar request to bring her daughter from UAE to return to India.
Sultana Begum’s daughter Zareena Begum has been stuck in Sharjah since the lockdown
“During the lockdown, my daughter Zareena Begum was looking for job. Due to the nationwide lockout, she could not do any work here. Then, two agents, Hamid and Afreen came saying that there was work in Sharjah.

She was taken away saying that she only needed to work for one family. But now she is forced to work for a four families. It has been three months and she is facing a lot of problems there.”

she further states that her daughter zareena is the mother of an 11-year-old child. When I requested the agents Hamid and Afreen to bring her back, they demanded Rs 1.20 lakh to bring her back to India. I can’t even raise such a huge amount.
she also said, “I request the Government of India to bring my daughter zareena back to India.

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