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LPG cylinder expensive by Rs 25, 4th times in month

Hyderabad: The price of non-subsidized liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has been increased by Rs 25 per cylinder on Monday.

From 01 March, one LPG cylinder (14.2kgs) will be priced at Rs. 871 in Hyderabad. Before March 01, it was priced at Rs 846.

This is the second increase in the last four days. Prices were increased by Rs 25 just three days ago. This is also the fourth increase in the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinders since the beginning of this year. Previously, on 4 February it was raised by 25 rupees,50 on 15 February and by Rs 25 on February 26, bringing the total hike since the start of the year to Rs 125.

With revised prices, LPG cylinders are now priced at Rs 819 in Delhi and Mumbai; 845 rupees in Kolkata and 835 rupees in Chennai.

In January,the new revision increases the cylinder prices by Rs. 25 in three months.
This is when petrol, diesel prices in the country touch all-time highs, which have a huge impact on various consumer products. As LPG cylinder prices rose for the third time in a month, netizens expressed displeasure over the LPG price increase.

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