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Man takes chilling walk on high tension electric line in Chevella

Hyderabad: A man whose motorcycle was confiscated by the police when he was caught during a drunk drive checking, climbed onto a high tension pole and threatened to end his life in Chevella in Ranga Reddy district.

According to police, the 32-year-old Naresh was identified by the local traffic police when he was driving in a drunken state on February 27. The police had seized his vehicle and asked her to take part in counseling.
However, frustrated by the seizure of his vehicle, Naresh climbed on a high tension pole on Wednesday and in a swift move, walked along the high tension power line. On learning about this, the police immediately rushed to the scene and convinced him to come down.

They soon managed to bring him down, assuring that they would return his motorcycle. Police and locals were standing under the stars with a huge tarpaulin, when he fell.
A video of the man’s horrific walk across the power line has gone viral. Meanwhile, the police has registered a case against him under Section 309 (attempt to commit suicide) of the Indian Penal Code.

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