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TRS leader Vijay beaten death in Shaikpet

Hyderabad: A local TRS leader named Vijay was assassinated on the main road in the city limits on Tuesday night.

After the video footage of a person logging in and standing there after the murder of a person went viral.

The incident occurred near the Golconda wines store in Shakipet within the limits of Golconda police station.
In the video, the man is standing near the body and looking around. After some time, he throws the axe on the road.

He was also seen checking his mobile that people passing by vehicles looked towards him and proceeded.

Some witnesses who were witnesses to the murder and recorded the footage on their cameras called the police.

Golconda police reached the spot to investigate the matter.
According to the police version, Narendra was allegedly murdered by the victim Vijay’s younger brother over a property issue.

The two brothers met on Tuesday night around 11:15 pm near Golkonda Wines Shop near Shaikpet.

After a heated argument, the younger brother, also called in an odd position, attacked his elder brother with a stick of wood.

The man is said to have suffered a major head injury and the victim died on the spot after severe bleeding.
Golconda police officers transferred Vijay’s body to Osmania Hospital for postmortem and registered a case of murder against Narendra and are investigating further

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