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With increasing cases, Gandhi Hospital closes all non-COVID services

Hyderabad: With the daily number of COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly, the state-run Gandhi Hospital will once again become a COVID-only treatment center.

Based on the instructions of the Secretary of State (Health and Family Welfare), instructions were issued by the Superintendent of the Hospital to the heads of all departments to remove all other patients who are currently undergoing treatment.
Superintendent of Gandhi Hospital,circular issued by dr.Raja Rao states that all non-COVID and outpatient services are being stopped in view of the “fast-growing COVID-19” that Telangana is currently expanding.

The circular states that all departments will have to strictly follow the orders. After initial COVID-19 cases surfaced in Telangana in March last year, the Gandhi Hospital was soon turned into a nodal government hospital for treatment.

It was the only center for all COVID patients in the state. However, soon after the cases exploded last year, the Telangana government subsequently started treating patients elsewhere as well.
In addition, thegovernment turning Gandhi Hospital into a COVID-only institution is also likely to anger some of the medical students who are currently doing their MBBS or masters at the Gandhi Medical College, as their courses will be affected. Last year, some of them staged protests and went on a strike to resume non-COVID services, after which the state complied.

However, it is now to be seen how long the state government will continue the Gandhi Hospital as a COVID-treatment center.

On Friday, Telangana also reported 3,800 new COVID-19 cases, which have been increasing for the past 10 days.

New cases touched the first 100, and were then placed higher and higher. Officials of the state’s health department have cautioned the general public to always wear masks.

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