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Hyderabad is facing shortage of oxygen cylinder

Hyderabad: Hospitals are having a shortage in supply of oxygen cylinders. Suppliers say that there has been a sudden increase in demand and they are unable to cope with it despite running the refueling units 24×7. The huge demand for oxygen from private hospitals has also led to a decrease in the availability of liquid oxygen.

Many hospitals now rely on oxygen concentrators that carry air and extract nitrogen from it, releasing oxygen-rich gases for use by covid patients.

State requires 2.4 metric tonnes of oxygen, while production is only half the requirement.

It is learned that barely 100 metric tonnes of oxygen is now available in hospitals. Dealers say it will take at least a week to recoup the shares.

There were also allegations that the suppliers were sending oxygen cylinders to neighboring Maharashtra districts.

While sources in the Department of Medicine and Health believe that there is a shortage in oxygen supply.

officials continue to say that adequate stocks were available in government hospitals for at least a week.

They said that liquid oxygen stocks would soon come from Karnataka and Chhattisgarh.

When The Hans India correspondent spoke to an agency as a customer, the dealer said, “Sir there is no oxygen cylinder and you will not find anywhere in the city. We are getting a large number of calls, but unable to supply.”

There is a huge supply shortage, the cost of cylinders has also increased. Rs 2,500 was charged till a week or so,but now the cylinder is available for Rs 4,500.
some NGOs like Mission feed the Hunger have arranged around 600 cylinders for the needy in the last three days.

But now they are also facing shortage of cylinders. They said that they receives around 120 calls every day but has not been able to meet the demand.

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