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Streets empty due to fear of Covid-19

In a situation almost like last year streets in the city of hyderabad have once again started running empty even in the month of Ramadan where usually the roads are very busy.The fear f getting infected with COVID-19 is keeping citizens indoors. The situation has resulted in traffic decreasing to a large extent even during peak hours across the city.

Traffic is down by such an extent that one can even travel between Secunderabad and Hitec City in about 30 minutes 0even in the evenings. Earlier this week there seemed to be lesser traffic during peak hours in the evening as well. The busy Madhapur-Jubilee Hills-Nagarjuna Circle road too had free flowing traffic on Saturday, which was highly unusual.

Telangana reported over 5,000 new cases on Sunday alone. COVID-19 cases have been rising rapidly in the city over the past few weeks with the Greater Hyderabad region topping the numbers daily. On Sunday, close to 800 of the cases were from Hyderabad. Major markets and businesses also seem to be in a lull, as most people have decided they would rather be safe than sorry.

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