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Patients Lost Gold and Mobiles from Gandhi Hospital Even Gold Stolen from Dead Bodies.

Hyderabad : Distressing News from Gandhi Hospital Where Coronavirus Patients Lost Their Gold and Mobiles. Even Gold from the Dead were Stolen. Hospital Authorities now Involved Police to Nab the Culprits After Six Such Complaints Recieved . Usually what happens is some Corona patients are rushed to the Covid19-designated hospital in unconscious state or critical condition and attendants are not allowed to stay with them. The only means of contact with them is through phone, or when officials pass on information about the patient’s condition.

The stolen mobile phones led to an Embarassement to Hospital Authorities. Since family members were not able reach the patients through phones, they started to panic about their condition.

Superintendent of Gandhi Hospital, M. Raja Rao said that after receiving Many complaints, they identified the newly joined workers and handed them over to the police. “We have planned to install some more CCTV cameras and placed security personnel in each floor. They are responsible if there are any further thefts. We are not allowing any valuable items like gold ornaments, money, credit cards, documents, etc when patients get admitted. We hand over the valuables to relatives at the gate and take their signatures.

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