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Women Allegedly Killed Daughter And Committed Suicide

A woman named Bhisnu priya giri aged 30 who was married to Sudhendu giri aged 40 both were the natives of Odisha but the couple moved to Hyderabad. The couple also had a daughter. According to the police the couple were having fights frequently due to which priya was quite depressed. Sudhendu who worked for a pharma company in siddipet went for work leaving priya and their daughter home.

It was then that she was suspected to killed her three and a half year old daughter and later hanged her self using a saree to the ceiling fan in the bedroom. When sudhendu cake back home and found both of them dead he immediately informed alwal police. There was no suicide note we suspect that she was depressed due to family problems and resorted to the extreme step said police.

-article writer Syeda mehrukh naaz

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