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Man allegedly killed by relatives over monetary dispute

A 38 year old man named rajan alias chinna, a painter by profession was allegedly stabbed to death by his relatives during an argument over commission of Rs 8,000 for a land deal at Hyderabad’s Jawaharnagar area on Sunday night. Rajan and his brother Srujan have brokered a land deal between their relative Madhu Babu’s family and a local man, Mahesh Yadav.Madhu Babu and his family paid a part of the amount to Mahesh Yadav as part of the sale agreement for the land in Balaji Nagar in Chennnapuram.They also gave Rs 8,000 as commission to Rajan and Srujan.However, later Madhu Babu found out that it was a disputed land and took back the money he gave to Mahesh Yadav”After cancelling the land deal, Madhu Babu and his family members had an argument with Rajan for taking the commission despite showing them a disputed land.

On Sunday night, Madhu Babu and his brother went from Neredmet to Rajan’s house at Janmabhoomi Nagar. Madhu Babu called Rajan and a fist fight broke out between them. Meanwhile while the relatives of Rajan were pushing him back to the house, Madhu Babu and his brother attacked him with a knife and killed him on the spot,” a police official said.After the incident, the accused fled from the spot.The police have launched a manhunt to arrest the accused

-article writer Syeda Mehrukh Naaz

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