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Ambulance charge Rs 82,000 for 7km ride in Hyderabad

If you want to transport a patient in a Covid hospital in an ambulance, ensure it’s registered with the police or seek one from 108 service as scores of people are being fleeced by private operators, who are charging exorbitant rates for the shortest of rides. When it comes to transporting bodies of COVID-19 victims, these private ambulances are even forcing people to opt for a package that includes transportation and last rites at astronomical prices.On April 28, a family had to give Rs 82,000 for a 7km ride from KPHB road no. 1 to Hi-Tec City graveyard for the last rites of a 47-year-old man who succumbed to Covid-19.The hospital directed us to an ambulance service who asked for Rs 82,000 for transportation and cremation. As Covid-19 bodies cannot be taken home, we had no option except to pay them as demanded, said a relative, whose brother-in-law died of Covid-19 on April 28. The deceased was a software engineer in the city and was a resident of the Secunderabad. -article writerSyeda Mehrukh Naaz

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