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Cigarettes cause COVID-19 infected to 18 people

Hyderabad: Due to a cigarette, 18 individuals contracted coronavirus in Hyderabad.

A marketing manager’s careless and irresponsible behavior made his office colleagues go into the home isolation.

Srinagar Colony-based marketing manager was on his assignment duty in the city. He stopped at KBR Park and order to light his cigarette,he borrowed another person cigarette.As usual, he returned to do his office work.

After 3 days, the manager complained of high fever with body pains and difficulty breathing, on which he underwent a CT scan.

As a result, they were found to be COVID-19 positive, with 30% of the lungs affected.

The marketing manager then informed the members of his COVID-19 state team, which was tested by 20 members and the results of 18 individuals turned out to be positive. Although how many people have been affected by these 18 persons, it has not been known.

Meanwhile, team members have submitted a complaint against the marketing manager for being responsible for the spread of COVID-19.

The complaint was submitted to the HR of the office.

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