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Eight lions tested positive for covid at nehru Zoological park

Hyderabad: Eight Asiatic lions at Nehru Zoological Park, who indicated respiratory distress prevention officers to send their specimens to the CCMB-LaCONES for testing, have tested positive for Covid-19.

CCMB analyzed the genome of coronavirus samples from these lions and found them not to be a type of concern.

“Lions are now separated from other animals in the zoo, and are receiving proper care and necessary treatment.

They are also responding well to treatment and recovery. Preventive measures are already in place for all employees and the zoo has been closed to visitors to avoid further external contact.

It was on April 24 that zoo officials sent samples of lions, which were collected from the nose, throat, and respiratory tract.

Officials said that based on detailed clinical trials and reports shared by CCMB-LaCONES on May 4, it has been confirmed that eight Asiatic lions housed at Nehru Zoological Park tested positive for the SARS-CoV2 virus.

There are four designated Covid-19 testing centers for captive animals in India, of which LaCONES-CCMB is one.

“Looking for the spread of coronavirus in animals opens up an unchartered area of work for CCMB. And it is an emerging requirement for managing the pandemic,” says Dr Virendra Tiwari, Director-in-charge, CCMB.

“We are looking forward to testing animal specimens for coronovirus by testing their faecel samples. CCMB advisor Dr. Rakesh Mishra says that this can be a useful method of testing for captive and released animals.

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