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social worker and medical practitioner Fakhruddin Mohammad passes away.

Hyderabad: Well-known social worker Dr.Fakhruddin Mohammed died in the afternoon (May 5) after a second coronavirus attack in a major hospital in Hyderabad.

According to family sources, Dr. Fakhruddin returned home from the hospital after recovering from the first attack of COVID-19. But within a few days the attack recurred and was taken to the same hospital where he could not survive.

He was 61 years old.He lived with his wife, two sons and two daughters. He was laid to rest after Isha (night) prayers.

Dr. Fakhruddin was the chairman of the Muslim educational, social and cultural organization popularly known as MESCO which was established in 1975 with the motto of serving the backward Muslim community in various ways.

Today MESCO to its credit is a prominent name in the area of ​​network of schools and colleges where thousands of students are enrolled.

Due to his active involvement in matters related to education and social work, he was known across the country.

He was established the MESCO Diagnostic Center in Old City of Hyderabad with the patronage of senior medical practitioners,associates and other community leaders.

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