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Health Department gives clarification on ‘vaccination’ cases

Hyderabad: state government on Wednesday clarified that people under the age of 44 need not be concerned with certain messages, saying that they have been vaccinated, although the program is still closed in the state.

Officials said, with the case of Avinash Rao, a hyderabad based techie, who had registered on the Co-Win app for Jab, but got the message that he had been vaccinated.

officials of the state health department said that the central government was managing every thing.

Includes vaccination portals and apps like co-Win and Arogya Setu. State officials have no access to them.

If anyone is facing such a problem they can complain and we will fix the problem. They will have another chance once registration starts for that age group,he said.

But this does not require the beneficiaries in the state to worry as vaccinations for 18 to 44 have not yet started.

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