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Social Distancing is one of the prominent ways to beat covid variants.

HYDERABAD : As we are in the ongoing of second wave of coronavirus accross the country the new variants have been identified by health specialist that coronavirus and their ability to quickly infect others has fuelled so far and with difficulties in accessing Covid vaccines expected to last the entire year. Public Health Specialists have acknowledged that physical distancing has now become a vital tool to crush the second wave and the ensuing phases of the pandemic.

Regardless of what the new variant is, the fact that remains constant about physical distancing is the key to keep the virus away from us. Physical distancing reduces the surge of Covid infections and relieves pressure on health care facilities.To focus attention for the need to change the behaviour of the general public, the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India (GoI), Dr K Vijay Raghavan on Thursday in a series of tweets highlighted the need to maintain physical distancing to defeat the SARS-CoV-2.

One of the health officials Dr. Raghavan said “All must work together now, address urgent, immediate, needs. This is vital. Reduce, crush pandemic by following appropriate behaviour now rigorously everywhere. The virus spreads through us. We must, can stop it. This a time for us to work together and ensure that we, India and the world, get out of this pandemic”Dr Vijay Raghavan has also insisted out that physical distancing can exponentially bring down the spread because the virus can only spread from human to human. “In each of our diverse contexts, we need to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour that is most effective. Otherwise, the virus will exponentially spread,” he said.

And also one of the senior scientist has pointed out on the importance of distancing ourselves as much as possible during this hard times keeps us away from new covid variants and which does not allow the virus to jump from one individual to another through aerosol transmission. There is also a need for behavioural change among individuals to fully embrace physical distancing and universal use of masks to ensure the virus does not get opportunities to spread. He has even effectively insisted to maintain physical distance and follow Covid-appropriate behaviour, which is critically important.

By Journalist Natalia Moses

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