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Hyderabad:Delay in ration distribution

Hyderabad: The Covid-19 epidemic, which availed timely rations, has become a serious concern for middle-class families, with some ration card holders accusing the Telangana government of not distributing ration to fair price shops since early May. .

He also mentioned that when the state government distributed food grains and other essential items to a large number of people without ration cards during the Kovid-19 nationwide lockout, this time during the second wave of Kovid-19 when the Telangana government Lockout. , No such scheme has been introduced.

This is exacerbating the economic crisis of the poor who have lost their sources of livelihood during the epidemic.Delay in distribution of ration is forcing people to buy grain at non-subsidized prices.

In the previous year’s lockdown, the state government supplied free ration and Rs 1,500 cash to 87.59 lakh white ration card holder.

Mohammad Khalid said, “We are poor and needy and expecting financial support from state government in the wake of the lockdown”.

For the past few days, many ration card holders have been waiting hours outside fair price shops to get grain and rice.

Many ration dealers in the city are facing the impact of the second wave of Covid-19, Manohar Reddy, a ration dealer in Khairtabad area, said, “The supply of ration has been affected by the restrictions, which has led to many ration shops in the area have come to standstill.

In the old town of Mogalpura, a woman with her children was waiting outside the ration shop on Monday morning, she said “I arrived this morning, earlier there was a lengthy line and I was not getting ration, this year it was very difficult for the poor as we are facing a lot of hardship due to the second wave and now that the lockdown has been imposed,I am expecting help from the government.

She further stated that her husband who works as an helper in the parcel service with restrictions has lost a livelihood, with her family completely dependent on rations.

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