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Telangana : A New E-Pass Should Be Issued While Travelling to Hyderabad or Other Parts Of Telangana.

Hyderabad: As CM KCR has implemented lockdown in the State for 10days and announced many restrictions including that the grocery, meat and milk shops can be open only from 6 am to 10 am. As far as travelling within the state and from outside the state, the police have said that if a person wants to travel from one district of the state to another, they have to procure an e-pass from the police station at the place of origin.

For example, if a person is travelling from Hyderabad south to another district, they need to get a pass from the DCP office in South Hyderabad. And to come back, the person needs to get a pass from the place where the return journey begins. DGP M Mahender Reddy has lured that special passes will be issued through the e-pass portal to those traveling to other states and other districts. He said passes would be issued only to those traveling for emergencies.

The DGP said that concerned Police Commissioners and SPs would issue passes to those going to other states and other districts in the state. Hyderabad Commissioner Anjani Kumar has also said that in a matter of hours, the e-portal started by the police received more than 7,000 requests for travel passes. The Commissioner also said that anyone transporting essential goods including food items, food grains, milk, construction items, seeds, fertilisers etc will be exempted from the lockdown restrictions.”On your vehicle’s windscreen, keep an A4 sheet of paper. Write on it what you are transporting, you don’t need to secure a separate pass. Just mention it on the paper,” he said.

By Journalist Natalia Moses

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