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Petrol price in Hyderabad may cross Rs 100

Hyderabad: The price of petrol in Hyderabad is continuously increasing, it has reached Rs. 96.50 per liter.

The price of petrol can cross Rs. 100 in the city. The increase in the price of petrol is increasing the burden on the public which is already facing financial difficulties due to the lockdown in Telangana.

The Oil marketing companies (OMCs) are following the practice of changing petrol and fuel rates every alternate day rather than undertaking changes on a daily basis for the past few days.

In such a situation, after the price hike on Tuesday, Wednesday prices have been controlled. There was no increase in prices on Monday as well.

Petrol price in Hyderabad remains at Rs 96.50 per liter and diesel at Rs 91.04 per liter on Tuesday.

The retail price of regular petrol in Mumbai has already crossed Rs 99 per liter. Petrol prices are already over Rs 100 per liter in many cities of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

Premium petrol has been hovering above that level for some time. With global crude oil prices at $ 69 a barrel mark, OMCs may have to revise fuel prices again if any further strengthening occurs.

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