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Why Demolition During Lockdown? Telangana HC issues contempt notice to GHMC commissioner

Hyderabad: Taking seriously the action of GHMC Commissioner Lokesh Kumar and his lower tank bund zonal commissioner in the proceedings to demolish a building in Tukaramgate, Secunderabad, during this lockout period, Justice T. Vinod Kumar of the Telangana High Court issued contempt notices to the two officers asking them to explain why they chose to do this.

The judge stayed the demolition process carried out by the GHMC.

A full bench of the High Court has already directed officials across the state not to resort to any demolition till June 30.

Despite this restraint order, GHMC officials were trying to demolish their house, the petitioners complain.

The judges were considering a writ petition filed by S. Suryabhan and S. Ashok Kumar, who filed an urgent petition questioning the action of the officers who were trying to evict them and demolish their building.

Upon questioning, the judge was told by the counsel of the Land Acquisition Wing that they did not acquired the land and made it clear that there was no question of either occupying the land or demolishing the structures in it.

However, the GHMC’s counsel has informed the court that the land has already been acquired and they will soon demolish the building. The judge denied the statement given by the GHMC counsel.
When the counsel of the Land Acquisition Authority are saying that they have no plans to acquire the land, how can you argue that the land has already been acquired ? the judge asked the GHMC counsel and initiated contempt proceedings against the GHMC commissioner and zonal commissioner.they were directed to file a reply to the contempt notice within four weeks from now. The case was adjourned till 16 July.

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