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AIMS Issues New Guidelines , Regarding Black Fungus.

According to many death reports due to Fungal Infection cases of black fungus are on the rise across states . AIIMS has now issued guidelines to detect black fungus and steps to be taken in such situations.

As the AIMS has released new guidelines regarding the detection and care for cases of black fungus or mucormycosis that has claimed the lives of several Covid patients across the country.

Those with uncontrolled diabetes, patients who are on high doses of steroid are at high risk of catching the black fungus infection said AIMS .As it is a rare but fatal fungal infection, 90 people have died of mucormycosis in Maharashtra. Mean while Rajasthan has reported more than 100 cases of black fungus infection. Due to this the Rajasthan government has announced that black fungus and epidemic in the state and also made arrangements to set up a separate ward for its treatment.

By Journalist Nataliaa Moses

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