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Black fungus patients shifted to Hyderabad from districts

Hyderabad: In view of increasing cases of black fungus in Telangana, the state government declared ENT Hospital at Kothi as a treatment center.

Although cases of black fungus come from other states, the number of cases in some districts of Telangana is a matter of concern for the government.

More than six deaths have occurred in Nizamabad and Kamareddy districts and ten patients have been shifted to Hyderabad for treatment as there is no facility for treatment of black fungus in the districts. Patients are being shifted to either Gandhi Hospital or ENT Hospital at Kothi.

Family members of the patients complain that there is no medicine to treat black fungus in hospitals and they are advised to buy the medicine from outside. The condition of many patients in these two hospitals remains critical.

According to a District Medical and Health officer, the black Fungus patients are those who are diabetic and have recovered from coronavirus. “The patients who have been recovered from coronavirus can avoid Black Fungus if they keep their sugar and BP levels in check,” he said.

Six patients from Kamareddy were shifted to Hyderabad for treatment and two died during treatment.

Health department officials suggested the government to prepare an emergency plan for the treatment of black fungus as cases in the state are increasing rapidly.

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