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Boom in eggs, chicken sales in Telangana

Hyderabad: Sales of eggs and chicken across the state saw a spurt, following advice from medical experts to use eggs and chicken to increase people’s immunity to fight the corona virus. During the first wave of coronavirus, the poultry industry has suffered a loss of about Rs 250 crore due to bird flu as people avoid consuming eggs and chicken.

However, at the beginning of the second wave, medical experts believed that eggs and chicken are the best sources of protein to increase immunity to fight the corona virus followed by increased sales of eggs and chicken.

The sale of eggs and chicken has increased not only in Hyderabad but also in the districts of Telangana state. Egg sales increased by 20%. According to the National Egg Coordination Committee, the normal amount of egg sales in Hyderabad is 8 million eggs, which has been increased to one crore during the second wave.

Medical experts believe that egg is rich in natural nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B-12 and selenium which increases immunity. The demand for eggs leads to an increase in its prices, however, there was no decrease in its sales. The poultry industry is estimated to have a turnover of Rs 130 crore during the month of May. Sales fell by 50% last year

Telangana produces 40 million eggs per day, of which 1.75 are sold in the state and the remaining quantity is sent to Maharashtra, AP, West Bengal and other states where egg production is low. Similarly, according to the Telangana Poultry Traders Association, chicken consumption in Telangana is 30 million kilograms, which increased during the second wave of the epidemic.

State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and IT Minister KT Rama Rao encouraged the people of the state to eat eggs and chicken. He attended the “Chicken Festival” to allay people’s fears about bird flu. Meanwhile, Director of the Indian Council of Medical Research R. Hemlata said that mere egg intake is not enough to boost immunity, “people should also use vegetables and fruits”.

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