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744 cases Telangana among top five states in India

Hyderabad: The Union Health Ministry said on Wednesday that Telangana is among the top five states with the highest number of mucormycosis (aka black fungus) infections.

According to the Union Ministry of Health, there are about 11,717 black fungus cases across India. Gujarat topped the list with 2,859 cases, followed by Maharashtra with 2,770 cases, Andhra Pradesh with 768 cases and Madhya Pradesh with 752 cases.

Telangana ranks fifth with 744 cases. Mucormicosis is a curable disease if caught in early stages and treated properly.

Therefore, the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers on Wednesday provided an additional 1890 vials of amphotericin B, which is currently one of the most reliable treatments for black fungi.

Meanwhile, DME Dr K Ramesh Reddy said that there are equally effective alternative medicines like posaconazole injections and tablets which are being used in neighboring states, and should also be used in Telangana as amphotericin B supply is low.

Reddy also mentioned that he has received around 300 to 400 applications, in which only a few hundreds of antifungal injections were issued to the state, as there is no chance of giving up to 150 vials to all.

“So, make those drugs available to people that are equally effective instead of stopping treatment,” he said.

The central government has declared black fungus a notable disease while 11 states have already declared it an epidemic. Telangana also declared a black fungus notified under the epidemic act.

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