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A man unhappy over biryani and tagged KTR.”what do you want me to do”,KTR replies.

Hyderabad: The second wave of CORONA VIRUS cases has left the public helpless with several complications on the rise. And state IT minister KT Rama Rao (KTR) has been one of the politicians who is actively responding to tweets seeking help with all kinds of resources, redirecting them to his office, which is promptly fulfilling those requests.

In the midst of this, on Friday, Twitter users had a light moment when a man tagged KTR over his chicken Biryani being served without extra masala and a leg piece. People across the social media platforms were amused, to say the leas, as KTR himself replied to the tweet! His tweet has been doing rounds on the internet and it soon became viral, with even Hyderabad Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi responding to the IT minister.

A Twitter user on Friday by the name Thotakuri Raghupathi, tweeted to the minister with a strange request during this pandemic, “I ordered chicken biryani with extra masala and leg piece but I didn’t get any of them, is this the way to serve people @zomatoin @KTRTRS,” his tweet read alongside with photograph of biryani.

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