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Leopard Trapped By The Forest Officals That Terrorized Rajendra Nagar Residents From Past 6Months :

Hyderabad: The leopard was trapped by the Forest Officals on Oct 10 in Rajendra Nagar that had been on the prowl for past 6months. Now it has been shifted to Nehru Zoo in the city and later it will be released to the forest, said the forest officials.

On 14th May, A video has gone viral the leopard chasing the humans and dogs and creating a panic situation among the residents in Rajendra Nagar. The leopard has also killed 3 calves, said the forest officials.

In the area where the leopard has killed the calf behind the water and land management tranning and research institute the forest officials set up a cage to trap the leopard and unexpectedly it walked into the trap.

No human was harmed by the leopard said the forest officials of Shamshabad. The leopard was prowling in this area as it was able to find animals for food.

The official also said that it was hard to capture the leopard in the open area. “We cannot tranquillize the animal in an open space. We also compensated the owners of the calves that were killed by the animal,” added the official.

By Journalist Natalia Moses


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