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Bank loses study certificates and paid 1.15 lakh to a woman;Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Making ICICI bank compensate a girl to a tune of Rs 1.15 lakh for causing the loss of her educational certificates at Hyderabad city civil court, and settling the motor accident claims of 33 families that have lost their breadwinners in the road accidents three years ago, and making the banks and insurers pay them to an extent of Rs 1.08 crore at Ranga Reddy courts are some of the instant justice incidents that took place in various courts in the held National Lok Adalat all over the state on Saturday. Sreenija worked with ICICI bank for some time and left the bank later. But the bank failed to return her original educational certificate.

The bank had lost the certificates. The Lok Adalat at the city civil court spoke to the bank and Sreenija. The bank agreed to pay her a compensation of Rs 1.15 lakh and the same was paid to Sreenija on Saturday. 

In Secunderabad civil courts the case of a Zomoto delivery boy who injured two women in an accident and was making rounds to court because the women were seeking Rs 30,000 as compensation. Though the Zomato man was willing to pay that money, his economic condition does not allow him to shell down Rs 30,000 at a time.

On the intervention of the Lok Adalat bench, IDFC first (financial institution)has arranged Rs.30,000 personal loan to the accused and instantly gave a cheque. Victims received the cheque and the three-year-old case ended in a compromise.

The Zomato man will now clear the loan to the bank in easy instalments. . The case pertains to the Karkhana police station. These were some of the hundreds of cases settled by Lok Adalat judges all over the state through mediation and conciliation at the Lok Adalat courts on Saturday all over the state.

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