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Telangana Man Who Built A Temple For Donald Trump dies of Heart Attack :

A 32-year-old person Bussa Krishna of Jangaon district , a dieheart fan of US President Donald Trump died of Heart Attack on Sunday. A such a huge fan that he even constructed a temple for him at his house.

I am feeling sad because Trump has been infected with Covid. I have been in love with my ‘god’ for the past four years,”recently he said in the video. “He prayed for his recovery”

He made a video in which he was profusely weeping because Trump had contracted Covid-19 and died in Toopran in Siddipet district just after making the “weeping video”. In the video on October 4, Bussa Krishna said he was praying that his ‘god’ would recover.

Krishna was a cricket fan and said he had a dream in which Trump assured him that India would beat Pakistan in the cricket world cup in June last year and that had come true. Bussa Built a six-foot tall statue of Trump at his house in Konne village of Bachannapet Mandal, and he regularly performed puja since he built it. He also used to put up Trump’s photographs in his field and carry a copy in his pocket since past four years.

Locals of Konne village said since the US president tested positive for Covid, Krishna was in agony. “He was not even taking food properly and not sleeping,” a local person said.

By Journalist Natalia Moses


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