Mucormycosis cases:Telangana holds seventh position in India.

Hyderabad: During the second wave of COVID-19, the black fungus cases were suddenly shot up in Telangana.
The ENT hospital in Koti had been converted exclusively as a Black Fungus Hospital. Similarly, Gandhi Hospital and Sarojini Eye hospital too were treating and performing surgeries on black fungus patients.

In view of increase in cases, the patients were also treated in district hospitals.
The central government’s Health and Family Welfare Department has issued a list of black fungus cases across the country up to July 28.

With 2578 cases Telangana occupies seventh positions while with 9654 cases Maharashtra tops the list. Other States who recorded more cases than Telangana include Gujarat 6846, Andhra Pradesh 4209, Tamilnadu 4075, Karnataka 3648 and Rajasthan 3536 cases.

Nagaland and Tripura recorded one case each. Manipur recorded 7 cases, Assam 10, Goa 30, Himachal Pradesh 31 and Jammu and Kashmir 47 cases.
According to the report most of the black fungus cases were recorded in the second week of May.

Currently, the cases have decreased significantly across the country.

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