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Doctor save mother and pre-term baby at kamineni hospital in hyderabad.

Hyderabad: Doctors at Kamineni Hospitals saved the lives of a 25-year-old woman, who was in an advanced stage (36 months) of pregnancy and her preterm baby, by performing a complicated caesarean hysterectomy.

The young woman, Ramadevi reported with the problem of placenta blocking the cervix, which is the narrow passage for the baby to pass through from the womb, at the time of delivery. The blockage was impeding the delivery of the baby, putting the lives of the mother and baby at risk.
A multi-disciplinary team led by Dr A Prasanna Latha, obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr RV Soujanya, paediatrician and other specialists from urology, anaesthesia and neonatology, advised caesarean hysterectomy, which is removal of the uterus at the time of C-section. The surgery spanning over three and half hours was performed and later a preterm female baby weighing 2.59 kgs was delivered safely. The mother recovered and breast fed her baby within 48 hours, said Dr Prasanna Latha.
The doctors said that the woman had undergone C-sections twice for two earlier deliveries, which could have led to the blocking of the cervix. Of late there is a rise in the incidence of such complication due to increased C-sections, doctors said.

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