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Hyderabad based comapany manufacturing AC helmets for industrial workers.

Hyderabad: With an aim to improve the working conditions of industrial workers, a Hyderabad-based company is building helmets with an inbuilt air-conditioner.

Speaking about the innovative project, Kaustabh Kaundinya, Co-Founder and CEO of Jarsh Innovation that makes the AC helmets, said that the idea for the innovative product stuck when he and his co-founders were they were on a bike trip during one summer.

“Ours is a 4-year-old company. This idea came when we were travelling on bikes.
We faced a lot of problems due to heat issues. We researched about the product online but couldn’t find any. That is when we decided to develop a cooling mechanism inside a helmet,” Kaundinya told ANI.
Elaborating further on types of helmets made by the company, the CEO said the AC helmets are available in four different models. “All of them works on the same principle but focused on different customers within the industry,” he said.

“The first helmet is model E with a battery life of two hours for engineers who have to wear helmets for a short while. The second Model S is designed for skilled and semi-skilled technicians and comes with an external battery that runs for 10 hours. The third helmet is designed especially for welders with air conditioning inside it. We have a fourth one which is used by heavy machine users like JCB. In fact, we are partnered with JCB for the sale of the product,” Kaundinya informed.
The CEO added his company will soon supply the helmets to South Western Railways and is looking forward to expanding their business in the middle east.

Further elaborating about the product, the company’s other Co-Founder Anand Kumar told ANI that helmets contain a fan in the cooling system which sucks the atmosphere air and pumps it into the cooling system at the front of the helmets.

“Cooling system drops the air temperature and send into the helmet through a specially designed channel called Air distribution system. It is a four-way vent flow. One towards the face, two towards ears, and at the back,” Kumar informed.

The company faced some financial woes during the COVID-19 pandemic, but with economic activities restarting, it is also gradually getting back on track.

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