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Hyderabad-based enterpreneur invents contactless pani puri serving machine.

Hyderabad: As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way humans interact with the world, one such example was seen in Hyderabad where an entrepreneur has come up with an idea to serve panipuri without any physical contact.

Speaking about the innovative project, the entrepreneur Nagireddy Mano Sai said, “during my college life, I started developing a prosthetic hand to solve the current issues in prosthetics, it was also approved by the Indian institute of sciences.
“Out of passion for innovation, I came into the startup, my parents were supportive. As COVID-19 was increasing rapidly, we learned to stay hygiene, that’s when I decided to start something innovative for eating panipuri with hygiene. When researched about the panipuri serving machines, I got to know there is a semi-inducer in the market but not fully automated. That is where the idea of building this machine came to me,” told Sai.
He further said, this is a compact and fully automated panipuri serving machine. It is the first-ever compact panipuri serving machine and has a loading capacity of 300 puris. It comes with a semi-automated cleaning system for easy cleaning. It has an RFID secure payment system.

Swayam machine aims to serve tasty food without compromising hygiene.

We have sent the design for patent, which is under process.

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