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Saidabad rape case:Hyderabad city police warns for disclosing victims identity.

Hyderabad: The rape and murder of a six-year-old girl at Saidabad has led to widespread outrage on social media. However, several protesters who have been rallying in support of the victim’s family have been publicising the identity of the victim violating Supreme Court directives.

“Disclosing the identity of the victims in heinous crimes is described as an offence, guidelines & Supreme Court Orders issued (in 2018 in case, Nipun Saxena & Ors. vs Union of India) to strictly not publish the details of the victims of rape as restricted u/s 228A of the IPC,” the Hyderabad City Police tweeted on Tuesday.
According to section 228A of the Indian Penal Code, rape victims or survivors of other sexual offences prescribed by law cannot be identified without explicit permission. A violation could carry a fine and imprisonment of upto two years.
The City Police are said to have written to social media platforms and accounts to delete posts containing such information.

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