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22-day-old baby dies after being hit by pipe during a fight between husband and wife.

Hyderabad: A 22-day-old infant died after being hit by his father with a plastic pipe at Saidabad in the city on Friday.
According to the police, the parents of the baby, Rajesh (32) and Jahanvi (25) were having an disagreement at their house in Posalla Basthi in Saidabad on Friday. During the quarrel, Rajesh took a plastic pipe and tried to hit his wife.

“She was holding the infant and tried to escape the blow and turned around. Rajesh accidentally hit the infant with the plastic pipe resulting in serious injury on the neck. The child was taken to a hospital where he died,” Saidabad Inspector K Subbi Ram Reddy said.
The police have registered a case. The infant was the second child of the couple with the elder boy being admitted to Shishu Vihar because Rajesh had harmed him during a fight with his wife a few months ago.

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