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Eatala Rajendra Likely to Win Huzurabad Bypolls as Per Most Exit Polls

Telangana : Of the five exit polls available so far, four predicted BJP’s victory and one exit poll predicted the victory of TRS in Huzurabad ByPoll .
High turnout of voters. The Polling Percentage recorded at 7.00 pm stands at – 86.33%, crossing last elections .High polling patterns have earlier indicated thumping support a candidate. Many regional surveys so far have given lead to BJP. Few TRS. All exit polls and ground reports say that BJP Candidate Eatala Rajender is likely to win Huzurabad byelections Huzurabad


Political Lab- 51 – 42 – 2 to 3 – 1
Atmasakshi- 50.5 – 43.1 – 5 to 7 – 0.7
Public Pulse- 50.9 – 44.3 – 2.7 – NA
HMR Research-51.16 – 44.98 – 2.81 – 1.05
Naganna- 42.90 to 45.50 – 44.30 to 48.9 – 2.25 – 5.5 to 6.5.

As per the poll predictions, the TRS is likely to emerge victorious in the Ellanthakunta and Jammikunta Mandals, whereas the BJP may hold a majority in Kamalapur, Veenavanka and Huzurabad Mandals.

The exit poll report reasoned the analysis stating that the non-implementation of Dalit Bandhu Scheme may negatively impact the TRS, alongside the fact that Eatala Rajender holds a positive image for his role played during the the Telangana agitation.

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