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Telangana to have electric vehicle charging station soon at petrol pumps.

Hyderabad: As the sales of electric vehicles are increasing across the country, electric charging stations are set to be installed at Petrol pumps.
In this regard, the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) one of the leading oil companies in India which has more than 19,000 petrol pumps in the country has decided to set up electric charging stations at around its 7000 petrol pumps in the next two years.T his move will also generate extra income for the BPCL.

Arun Kumar Singh, the Chairman and Managing Director of the BPCL said plans have been devised to install electric charging stations at 7000 petrol pumps. He said that these stations will be referred as “Energy Stations”.
Further, he said that these Energy Stations will be installed first in Maharashtra State and according to the demands of the electric charging stations the owners of the petrol pumps will submit a report for its installation.

According to the BPCL sources, conversation have been held with other companies regarding the infrastructure required to set up the electric charging stations at petrol pump outlets.

An official of the BPCL have said that a detailed report is also being prepared to examine the demand and sales of the Electric vehicles in Telangana State. Arun Singh said just as other business entities such as Supermarkets, ATMs machines have been set up in the vicinity of its petrol pumps, electric charging stations will also be installed at its petrol pump outlets.

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